Prowa Medical Instruments | Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Prowa Medical Instruments contributes its fair share to charitable organizations and educational programs to stimulate advances in the healthcare industry with respect to educational reforms. Over the years we have kept the tradition of showing unconditional love and kindness to our community. We believe that society plays an important role for growth of every industry. So it is also the responsibility of industries to take care of the society. Prowa Medical Instruments has a deep eye on the social issues and do care of the most important sectors of the society by contributing its maximum for the health and education.

We define the objectives of our corporate responsibility as:

  • Caring for our community by charitable activities on educational and health projects
  • Providing free technical training for unskilled people
  • Reducing our carbon foot prints

Recreational Activities

Prowa Medical Instruments is committed to provide recreational activities to it’s employees and local public. The company promotes local talent by organizing sports events such as cricket match, football match etc. The company also sponsor local teams and tornaments of different organizations, schools and universities. This culture promotes a healthy and competitive environment for youth.

Aid for Employees

Prowa Medical Instruments provides free household grocery items to labours in the Holy month of Ramadan. The company provides free clothes, food and financial aid to the families of workers. The company also provides interest free loans and mortgage to employees.

Disaster Management

Prowa Medical Instruments provides releif and rehabilitation to people affected during natrual disasters such as earthquakes and tsunami. The company provides releif camps, food, medicines and financial aid to distressed people.

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