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biopsy-forcep tc_needle_holder

Tungsten Carbide

needle-holder-tc tc-point

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range of

orthodontic plier black-ortho-plier orthodontic_plier_black-view

Orthodontic Pliers

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Cassette Trays &
Wire Mesh Baskets

cassette_tray-mesh_basket_png surgical-holloware
leather-string-png leather-swatches-png impression_tray-png

Impression Trays

dental impression tray (1)
blue-makeup-powder blue-oil-paint barber_scissor

Titanium Coated
Beauty Care Instruments


Manufacturing Relationships. Distributing Quality.

The Ultimate Choice for Healthcare Professionals

PROWA Medical Instruments has been an accredited medical instruments manufacturing factory that has gained an enviable reputation for manufacture and supply of Dental and Surgical Instruments, Beauty Care Instruments, Diagnostic Devices, Hollowware and Hospital Furniture  since 2011. We are fully engaged in manufacturing and exporting the finest quality instruments to over +50 countries that are handcrafted by a team of +250 highly qualified workers and seasoned sub-contractors, supporting us in our volume-based manufacturing.

Certifications & Accreditations

PROWA Medical Instruments is fully accredited and compliant medical instruments manufacturing factory.

Dental and Surgical Instruments | Beauty Instruments | Diagnostic Devices | Hospital Furniture

CE Approved, FDA Greenslisted, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Certified instruments, supported by a large inventory base.


Cassette Trays and Baskets


Dental Instruments

Dental Orthodontic Pliers-HP

Orthodontic Instruments


Impression Trays


Surgical Instruments

TC Instruments

TC Instruments

Surgical Retractors

Surgical Retractors


Beauty Care Instruments

Prowa Medical Instruments is Involved in Manufacturing of
Dental and Surgical Instruments, Beauty Instruments, Diagnostic Devices, Hollowware and Hospital Furniture

h.s.e. policy

We Take Occupational Health &
Safety Measurements

To maintain the business, it is necessary to pay attention to the current environmental situation of industry because the company believes that it is their moral duty to keep environment clean and hygienic.

Our HSE department initiate health and safety solutions that are tailored to working conditions and based on participation.

  • Employee Health Check-up
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Fire Controlled Environment
  • Sewage and Waste Management
  • Child Labor Free Production

Our greatest strength lies in the realization that our products help save lives. This morality is embodied in our work philosophy and evident through the products we deliver. 

As a part of the health and safety initiative, we received broader and proper emergency training from the local emergency responding authorities at Rescue 1122. This training provided dozens of our staff members and safety inspectors with the required skills to provide a number of services relating to immediate first aid, CPR, and controlled fire fighting experience.

Our Core Values



quality focus

Quality Focus

corporate social responsibility

Social Responsibility





quality assurance

Quality Assurance Policies

compliance and certifications

Certifications & Compliances

prowa instruments management

Corporate Management



Manufacturer & Exporter of
Dental and Surgical Instruments, Beauty Instruments, Diagnostic Devices, Hollowware and Hospital Furniture