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PROWA Medical Instruments has been an accredited medical instruments manufacturing factory that has gained an enviable reputation for manufacture and supply of Dental Instruments, Surgical Instruments, and Beauty Care Instruments since 2011. We are fully engaged in manufacturing and exporting the finest quality instruments to over +50 countries that are handcrafted by a team of +250 highly qualified workers and seasoned sub-contractors, supporting us in our volume-based manufacturing.


Prowa Medical Instruments has been offering finest quality medical instruments to health facilities, medical professionals, healthcare tools & medical equipment distributors since the year 2011. The operations of the health care business are changing; hence the company is assisting in tackling the demands of this dynamic shift.

Prowa Medical Instruments began as a modest workshop at the beginning of the past decade and has since grown to become one of the world’s top producers and suppliers of medical instruments. Today, the company’s products are distributed all over the world, from Asia to Africa to Europe and America. The company manufactures quality instruments that are produced of high-quality stainless steel, handcrafted to strict specifications, and carefully tested in-house for durability and performance.

Waheed Bhatti CE Prowa Instruments


To be known as the top medical instruments manufacturing factory in the country, and implementing and adopting a new modern approach to innovation, performance, and marketing which is oriented towards the customer.


Prowa Medical Instruments seeks to become ethical manufacturer of quality medical instruments by fulfilling the customer demands and exceeding customers’ expectations in terms of service, price, quality.


Providing value to our clients is the center of our commitment and our brand identity centers around this promise. We believe in working with Integrity in all our relationships. We are ethical, fair, and honest to ourselves and our customers.

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What We Take Pride In?

Prowa Medical Instruments produces and supplys the surgical, dental, and beauty instruments all over the world. From starting the journey from a small quantity to the day when the company was supplying products to the entire world, the company sure have came a long way.

The company is most indebted to the amazing craftsmanship of the local workers who perform the magic with their hands. The company now, although, work with sophisticated technology and intelligent machinery to produce products, that come at par with the standards of the international game.

Prowa Medical Instruments never forget that it all started with the skill and expertise of the earliest workers of the region who set the stage for this industry. While the company move forward with the pace of technology and modernization, it is convinced there is nothing like the unparalleled skill of the workers, which is the major point of attraction for exporters, sellers, and suppliers.

Manufacturer & Exporter of
Dental and Surgical Instruments, Beauty Instruments, Diagnostic Devices, Hollowware and Hospital Furniture