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Research & Development

The key elements for success of Prowa Medical Instruments are a comprehensive technical know-how and innovative capacity. Whether we develop an entire new product or simply add an important detail to something already existing: we are always determined to ensure perfection as an outcome.

Our R&D carries out a four-step designing method to develop a new instrument:

  •     Preparation of 2D & 3D technical drawings
  •     Implementation of technical drawings
  •     Selection of production processes & tools
  •     Development of Prototype for client’s evaluation

For the development, our R&D possesses a variety of modern machinery including CNC swiss-lathe, CNC engraving, CNC machining centers etc.

surgical instruments research and development

Prowa Medical Instruments can also produce different tools & cutters for the production of new instruments. It separates us from our competitors & makes our product far more superior than theirs. Our instrument designs are focused on patient safety, ergonomics and easy handling along with optimal functionality. By cooperating with surgeons and our customers. As part of our dedication to the customer, we take pride in our equipment and the capabilities which that equipment provides. We maintain world class machining centers to manufacture a broad variety of surgical instruments and implants. Our facility houses all departments in one site for quick and convenient contact within our organization.

Our factory and R&D cell possesses a variety of modern machinery including CNC Swiss-lathe, CNC engraving, CNC machining centers etc. and also owns a technically competent testing laboratory for the development of our instruments that holds ISO/IEC 17025 certification.

Technically Competent Testing Laboratory Certificate

ISO/IEC 17025

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