Prowa Medical Instruments | Employee Development

Employee Training

It is the policy of Prowa Medical Instruments to provide training to all employees as per schedule to comply with workplace standards. This policy enhances ability to out-class their career.


Mentoring and coaching provides demonstrated benefits around quality of work, problem solving and communication skills. Prowa Medical Instruments provide on demand coaching such as foreign languages, public speaking, basic computer learning.


It is the policy Prowa Medical Instruments to care about the rights of employees for promotion and career development. Those workers who have been studying formal education or technical education, when they complete their education, the company promotes them as per their qualification, skills and expertise.

Employee Appreciation Day

Prowa Medical Instruments hosts an annual appreciation day to appreciate it’s employees. The appreciation days includes multiple activites such as film showing, prize distribution, food and many other entertaining facilities.

Personal Off Time

Prowa Medical Instruments provide PTO hour facility to it’s employees. It is provided by the management for which the employee is compensated even in their absence.

Fringe Benefits

Prowa Medical Instruments also provides fringe benefits to it’s employees which includes child-care assistance, educational assistance, use of a company car, vacation pay, sick pay, meals and employee discounts.

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