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Repairing of Instruments

Prowa Medical Instruments can repair all kinds of instruments including Ent Diagnostic Sets, Otoscopes, Thermoscopes, Laryngoscope Handles, Blades, and other surgical and dental instruments. All surgical and dental instrument repairs carried out are to an exceptionally high standard.

  • Instrument is checked / logged for traceability
  • Quotation is raised
  • Repair is carried out, to return instrument to ‘as new’ state
  • Repair is re-polished / finished
  • Repair is re-passivated
  • Repair is laser marked for identification

Benefits of Using Our Repair Services

Long-term Value

All Instruments are repaired to BS 5194, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specification in accordance with the recommendations laid out in EU MDD, EU MDR and U.S. FDA regulations to ensure longevity of repair and protection of materials and hardness, which can be detrimentally affected by a non-OEM repair.

High Quality Workmanship

Your damaged instruments will be returned fully refurbished ‘as new’. This may include re-grinding, honing, re-setting, welding, polishing, and nitric acid passivation. Replacing instruments is avoided; however, when it is necessary, you will be notified of the cost. Broken instruments can be re-manufactured if no longer available, and some general instruments are replaced for the cost of the repair if the quality of the original doesn’t meet our stringent standards.

Traceability and Laser Marking

Laser marking instruments gives improved tracking and traceability of instrumentation, and can be linked into your own HSDU tracking system. When orders are placed, you can decide what you would like encode. 


Recent projects have accounted for over a 50% saving for refurbishment of instruments vs purchase of new instruments.

Ecological Argument

Manufacturing 5000 new instruments uses as much carbon as powering a house for a whole year. The energy consumption of a repair is small compared with mineral extraction and stainless steel production.

New Replacement Instruments for the Price of the Repair with the Premium Service

Some hospitals have very old or poor quality general instruments. Instead of repairing we replace with a new instruments for the same price. Included is a new warranty time. Instruments covered by the scheme are:

  • Artery Forceps
  • Bag Clips
  • BP Handles
  • Dissecting Forceps
  • Needle Holders (non T.C.)
  • Probes
  • Standard Edge Scissors
  • Tissue Forceps
  • Towel Clips

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