Prowa Medical Instruments | Sales Terms

Payment Terms

Payment terms for new customers is normally ‘Advance Payment’. However, after our worthy clients have done successful business with us for at least one year, we change the payment term from Advance to CAD or any other as mutually agreed. All quoted prices will be in FOB unless otherwise stated.

Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) requirements apply in all cases; for general instruments our MOQ is around 100pcs, whereas for special items we decide on a case to case basis. The company will not entertain orders whose quantities are below the minimum required production quantities.

Delivery Time

Delivery Time (for items not in stock) is roughly 60-90 days depending upon order size and the nature of instruments. This delivery period is significantly reduced once our customer becomes regular and we start to maintain customer specific inventory at our facility.

Guarantee Period

Guarantee period of three years is applicable on all instruments against rust, corrosion, pitting or any other manufacturing related defect.

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Dental and Surgical Instruments, Beauty Instruments, Diagnostic Devices, Hollowware and Hospital Furniture